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Crow Summer Institute 2018 in Photos

July 16, 2018


I am an artist and would love to learn the Crow language and I am in Anchorage Alaska and would like to know how to start a language course. I want to go completely through the course and become a fluid speaker of the language. I would also like to read and write the language

Please visit the crowlanguage.org website. We have some textbooks that are readily useful for adults learning to speak the Crow language.

Well hello my name is Brytt Levi Rogers From the Great Crow Nation and today I am well pleased to call my self Apsaalooke as an Crow Tribal member as an apsaalooke greasy mouth kid an A big Lodge Kid. So please let me tell you that i am really ready to take on this course to bring back the Crow Flute words to, my Apsaalooke people

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