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Crow Mobile Dictionary

We are excited to announce the release of the dictionary app for iOS and Android!

The Crow Mobile Dictionary (CMD) is the best way to look up Crow words and hear pronunciation while on the go. It’s the ultimate electronic Crow learning and reference tool.

• More than 10,000 Crow entries
• More than 20,000 Linked Crow Morphemes
• More than 30,000 English Reversal Entries
• Male and female voices for audio
• Consistent spelling
• Superior cross-referencing capabilities
• Fast and responsive
• Works offline, without active data connection
• Built-In advanced search engine finds conjugated verbs, word forms, and corrects spelling mistakes
• Over 100 native speakers contributed to its development and review
• Regularly updated
• Accurate and reliable
• Fun to use and explore
• An excellent self-study tool

Searching the Dictionary

• There are two ways to find entries. You may tap the search bar above or tap any word in the entry window to see the results for that word
• Tapping “Return” or “Full Search” will provide a full list of possible entries for the word you have entered
• There are several search options available within the Settings menu
• If the Approximate search option is “on,” the app will try to find relevant entries even if you spelled the word incorrectly.
• If the Morpheme search option is “on,” words containing your search as a morpheme (“word-part”) will also show in the results
• If the Full Text search option is “on,” results that have your search elsewhere in the entry (example sentences or notes) will also show in the results


• The Crow Mobile Dictionary uses a simple tap and go interface
• You are currently reading the information section. Select a tab from the sliding bar above to learn more about “How To Use” the dictionary, “Entry Details”, “Morphology”, and “Phonology.”
• The Settings menu allows you to refine how the search works, change the font size, and turn “AutoPlay Audio” on or off. See the “Searching the Dictionary” section for more details on the search settings
• Tapping the Zoom button increases the entry font size until it resets back to the smallest size again
• The History Panel shows you your recent entry history. Any entry you view is logged here for a short period of time so that you may go back and review
• The Back button quickly takes you back to the previous entry in your History with a single tap
• There are two sides to the Crow Mobile Dictionary. If you are currently viewing a Crow word, you are on the “Crow” side. The left and right buttons will take you to the next or previous Crow word in alphabetical order. Tapping the Hamburger button will provide you with a list of the nearest alphabetical words to the entry you are currently looking at
• The Favorites panel allows you to save your favorite words like a bookmark. From this panel, you can create new lists, add words to specific lists for later review, and better organize using the Crow Mobile Dictionary as YOUR Crow language learning tool
• The comment button at the bottom of every entry allows you to send feedback to us so that we can make improvements to future versions of the dictionary