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In 2012, The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) defined the the Crow language as “definitely endangered.” Unless we act, Crow is among one of the six out of every ten languages around the world which stand doomed to extinction over the next 75 years as the last three fluent generations of speakers pass on. Although people like you around the world have become increasingly aware of the language-loss crisis, policymakers have not yet allocated enough resources to substantially turn back the tide of the coming wave of language extinctions.

However, a revitalization in recent years has risen up thanks to  the community devoting considerable resources to this effort, developing teaching materials, texts, and recordings. The Crow people still have a considerable body of fluent speakers to aid in language revitalization. 

Make a donation today to help CLC continue their essential revitalization work. With your help, CLC can continue teaching the Crow language through Summer Institutes, and developing books, apps, and other resources for young learners who will preserve their language. The Crow community will once again resound with the excited voices of the youngest generation speaking the language of their people as they proudly take part in the culture their language encapsulates.