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CRW 351 – Crow Material Development Level 3

This course focuses on material development for the Level 3 TLC textbook “Speak Crow!-Level 3 Crow Textbook”, Crow Language Consortium, Hardin, to be published 2017. Linguists and layout specialists will work with fluent Hidatsa speakers who are also teachers. Together the Lv 3 textbook will be developed with special attention to cultural and linguistic knowledge and relevance.

CRW 240 – Process Writing I

As one of the four basic language skills writing is an important component of learning a second language. Writing can reinforce what language students learn through classroom activities or other exposure to the target language. It allows contextual use of vocabulary and grammar. In order for Crow language teachers to employ the advantages of writing, they have to be introduced to the methods of process writing, as an approach to creating texts in various genres, developing their own specific literary style and broadening up the ability to express ideas and concepts in Crow clearly and eloquently. Language teachers who can write in the target language are generally better in teaching writing.

CRW 210 – Crow Inflectional Morphology I

Understanding of Crow language structure is essential to teaching the language knowledgably and being effective in the classroom. Proper teaching of Crow is dependent on a firm foundation in the rules of a language. This course is the primary linguistic introduction to Crow grammar and particularly its inflectional and derivational morphology (the internal structure of words) and pedagogical approaches to explaining this grammar. The rules associated with Crow verbal morphology are one of the most characteristic features of the language and are also a significant challenge for students.

CRW 102 – Teaching Crow Level 2 Methods

This course is an intensive practical overview of teaching Crow using the Speak Crow! Level 2 Textbook. This course will also emphasize introducing and reinforcing vocabulary with flashcards, props, and Total Physical Response (TPR) methods. It will also address classroom management techniques for the language classroom as well as using different teaching modalities to address diverse learning styles.

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