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Speak Crow! Level 2 Textbook – Now Available!

New Crow Materials_BLOG


Friends, we are excited to introduce new and improved additions to our K-12 curriculum of Crow language materials!

Since the Crow Summer Institute (CSI) this past July, we have been working with dozens of Crow speakers and teachers to accurately document the language. Many of our CSI 2015 participants recorded stories, songs, and dialogues for these new Crow materials!


The Level 1 and Level 2 Crow textbooks received a thorough review during the Teaching Crow Level 2 Methods course, taught by John Boyle & Junior Garcia. In the photo above, taken at CSI 2015, Fannie Ward and her mother are proofreading the Level 2 Crow textbook.

Crow teachers collage

Without further ado, we’d like to announce that an updated version of Bíilukaalilaah – Speak Crow! Level 1 Textbook is now available at our bookstore, as well as the new Bíilukaalilaah – Speak Crow! Level 2 Textbook and Audio CD. This year, we are providing Crow schools with free copies of these materials, and we welcome all others interested in learning Crow to visit the Crow language bookstore to make a purchase!

We’ve traveled to schools all over Crow Country to distribute these new textbooks to teachers, students and parents, including St. Charles Mission Schools, Pretty Eagle Catholic Academy, Lodge Grass Schools, Little Big Horn College, Wyola schools, and schools in Crow Agency!
Pictured above: Dora Hugs, Fannie Ward, Beulah Goes Ahead at St. Charles Mission School in Pryor, MT.

We hope you continue to progress in your learning of Crow, and encourage others to do the same! Help us spread the word about these new materials; Ahóo (thank you) for sharing this newsletter with your friends and family!
February 15, 2016