Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT
Preserving Crow for Future Generations
We support the Crow language by developing language-learning resources, organizing teacher trainings and other community language activities.


Ítchik daluúom! It’s good you’ve come!

We are working together to build a strong Crow language.

Crow Language Consortium is a collective of Crow schools, colleges, and educators that are working to preserve Apsáalooke (the Crow language) to ensure we can pass it on to future generations. We work to support Crow learners and teachers by developing language materials such as textbooks, dictionaries, flashcards, posters and more; by providing access to apps and multimedia; and by organizing intensive teacher training and workshops. Today, we are working with many Crow speakers to certify them as teachers in best-practice teaching methodologies.


Crow Language Consortium is continuously working on new projects to strengthen the Crow language.


Happy #InternationalMotherLanguageDay! (February 21)

Three ways to celebrate:

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2. SAVE THE DATE — Crow Language Summer Institute (Free!)
June 5-23, 2017
Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT

3. WATCH "Rising Voices" on YouTube

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