Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT

English to Crow


pack active transitive verb chiía; va íschili
pack up active intransitive verb baachipíhche
packrat alienable noun chiwáwuule
paddle va daxxuuwí; alienable noun iiwinnaxxuuwé
padlock alienable noun apasáxaache; alienable noun iiwilíachichuttuua
paid in full square_Tylis.mp3stative verb with one NP óowappe
pail drum_Angela.mp3Noun biláxe
pain stative verb with one NP aleé
pain, be in active intransitive verb baailíshee
paint active transitive verb ápchishe; va baasshée; active transitive verb chiwaalaáche; alienable noun iiwaaáhchipchisuua
paint horse stative verb with one NP xáxxe
paint the face active intransitive verb iísbaasshee; active intransitive verb iischewaalaáche; active transitive verb íishisshee
paint, dark red alienable noun úuwashpite
paint, red alienable noun úuwe
pair alienable noun bachiichúua
pajamas Noun iixapúua
palamino horse alienable noun ishúuiichia
palate inalienable noun úuwuualapuuche
pale stative verb with one NP chóose
palm (of hand) inalienable noun ischawuúa
palm, thick part inalienable noun ischalasatché
pan, bread alienable noun iiwaaxawualío
pan, bread, square alienable noun baatóowappe
pan, cake alienable noun baatóowappe
pan, mixing alienable noun iiwaaxawualúxsatuua
pancakes alienable noun baaxawualaxsaché
pant Verb dúupeshe
pants inalienable noun baleishíshisshe; wind_Melville.mp3Noun hutché; Noun iishísshe; inalienable noun ishíshisshe
pants, buckskin inalienable noun baleishíisshuuxe
paper alienable noun baawaalaáche
parade active intransitive verb dáanniile
parade horse gear alienable noun iiiichíilaakinnuua
parade leader Noun akdáaloochiale
parade-dance alienable noun ashhéeleetaalissuua
parallelogram with right angles stative verb with one NP óowappiichuusaxxiia
pare active transitive verb datchípe
parent inalienable noun aksée
parent-in law, his inalienable noun isxaalía
parfleche alienable noun bimmishkisché; alienable noun bishkisché
parsley, wild alienable noun baaisaashishpíte
parsnip alienable noun baaisaashishpíte
parsnip, cow alienable noun baaxaláxxite
part hair inalienable noun alakulé
part in the hair inalienable noun alakulé
particles Noun annatchiía
pass alienable noun alachishpé; active intransitive verb dasshipé
pass a test active intransitive verb dakkaché
pass along information, news, etc. from one to another active intransitive verb batchiwaalaálio
past Noun baapammasshipúua
past, toward relational noun dúusahpe