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saa derivational suffix toward
saa derivational suffix region
saa derivational suffix area
sáakammachuhke alienable noun toad
sáake alienable noun frog
saakhé? active intransitive verb say what
sáapa interrogative/relative what
sáapako interrogative wherefore
sáapako interrogative from where
sáapako interrogative from when
sáapako interrogative whence
Sáapalakaa? What do you see?
sáapam why
sáapaschihche be really friendly with
sáapaschihche favor
sáapdahtaa pronominal whatever
sáapdahtaa pronominal anything
Sáapdasitchilaa? What do you like?
sáapií interrogative why?
sáaptaasaapdaht Adverb whatever happens
sáaptaasaapdaht Adverb no matter what
sáasaaheete stative verb with one NP glittering
sáasaaheete stative verb with one NP sparkling
sáashiia stative verb with one NP shining
sáawaache stative verb quantifier number of, a