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Crow to English


káahuxche stative verb with one NP drunk
káaiwaache active intransitive verb smile
káaiwaachi smile
káaiwaachi laugh
kaalé active transitive verb borrow
kaalé active transitive verb ask for
káale alienable noun woman, old
káale alienable noun grandmother
káale alienable noun old woman
káaliche active intransitive verb smile
káalichik Verb to smile
káalisbaapite Noun child raised by its grandmother
káalitaache active intransitive verb giggle
káalixaalia alienable noun moon, name for
káalixaalia alienable noun woman, old
káalixaalia alienable noun mother earth
káalixaalia alienable noun great-grandmother
káalixaalia alienable noun woman, very old
kaáshi derivational suffix to a great extent
kaáshi derivational suffix really
káata derivational suffix mere
káata derivational suffix dear
káata derivational suffix little
káata derivational suffix diminutive
káatee active intransitive verb blow