Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT

Crow to English


ahpalíihkupe inalienable noun ear, cavity or depression inside the outer
ahpannoopé inalienable noun pierced ear for earring
Ahpannoopisée alienable noun Ree Society
Ahpannoopisée alienable noun Arikara Indian
ahpawiaxsée inalienable noun neck, part just below the ear
ahpawitée inalienable noun head, part behind the ear
ahpé inalienable noun ear, outer
ahpé inalienable noun ears (outer)
áhpee alienable noun evening
ahpéetaaliche alienable noun head stall
ahpiilaxché inalienable noun scarf
ahpisée alienable noun mule
ahpúushalatte inalienable noun point at back of head
ahpúushalatte inalienable noun bump of knowledge
ahpúushalaxkupe inalienable noun neck, indentation in at base of skull
ahpúushe inalienable noun head, back
áhte stative verb with one NP near
áhte stative verb with one NP close
áhteete stative verb with one NP near, appears to be
ahúhaa relativizer one who
ahúhaa relativizer many timesak
akáapdeaxihche alienable noun beetle
akaawé stative verb quantifier six
akáche active transitive verb gash
akáche active transitive verb slit