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Wilhelm Meya

Wilhelm Meya

Crow Language Consortium

Wil Meya played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Crow Language Consortium (CLC) in 2014, working closely with founding board members Dr. Janine Pease, Fr. Randolph Graczyk, and Roanne Hill. Since its inception, CLC has flourished under their collective guidance, emerging as a prominent provider of linguistic resources, training, and advocacy for Apsáalooke (the Crow language).

Meya’s work with CLC’s founding board members has produced measurable results in Crow language documentation, preservation, and revitalization. The group has successfully established multiple immersion schools, published numerous books in the Crow language, developed E-Learning platforms, and released the first comprehensive Crow language dictionary in more than four decades.

Meya’s unwavering commitment to CLC has significantly expanded the accessibility and availability of Crow language materials for both younger and older generations. His dedication and that of the nonprofit’s board members and volunteers has paved the way for significant growth of the Crow community’s educational endeavors.

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