Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT

English to Crow


wade va dúmmaxi
wagon alienable noun baapáttatchia
wagon tongue inalienable noun iisássalatatche
wagon, child's alienable noun baapáttatchiakisshe
wail va baalapammí
wailing (in mourning) Noun baaalapammé
waist inalienable noun iihéelape
wait for stative verb with one NP óole
wait for a good time to catch off guard active transitive verb dútchitchee
wake up active intransitive verb itchée
walk active intransitive verb awanníile; active intransitive verb díile
walk along active intransitive verb díinnawe
walk cautiously active intransitive verb alachkapé
walk fast active intransitive verb alapuuché
walk like an old man active intransitive verb díinmaheele
walk stealthily active intransitive verb alachkáchkapiia; active intransitive verb alachkapé
walker alienable noun iilíilaatuua
wall alienable noun ashhéelahke; alienable noun héelahke
wall side relational noun bitée
wallet Noun bálaaisshe
wander stative verb with one NP dashkó
want help from ihchíile
want something more for baaíluua
want to woman_Melville.mp3alienable noun bía; modal auxiliary verb bisshe; modal auxiliary isshi
want to become like vat iialaxxápdee
war alienable noun batbachío
war chief Noun íipche akeé; Noun íipche akkuleé
War Dance Society alienable noun Baatawée
War Dance Society, Hot Dance Society alienable noun Baatawée
war honor Noun ashképe
war party leader alienable noun akdúxxiiikuchke
war-bonnet alienable noun báashbaleikkuhpe
warbonnet alienable noun baaóhkape; inalienable noun baleikkúhpataahile; inalienable noun baleikkúhpawaasho; alienable noun óhkape
warbonnet (two tails) Noun sáhtaache
wardance alienable noun baatawéelissuua
wardeeds inalienable noun alaxchíia
warden, game alienable noun awaxaawakíassee; alienable noun úuxakbaalaxche
warhonors alienable noun isbinnée
warm stative verb with one NP sassáache
warm oneself active intransitive verb ihchitawéee
warn Verb baaannátchiihehche
warpaint inalienable noun iiiísbaassuua
warparty alienable noun dúxxiia
warped stative verb with one NP kuluhpúpe
wart alienable noun bitchúa
wary active intransitive verb alaxaxxé
wash active intransitive verb baaéesshuwe; active transitive verb íisshiwe
wash oneself active intransitive verb ihchíisshuwe
washbasin alienable noun iiiiskulushíituua
washer alienable noun iiwaaíisshuwuua