Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT

English to Crow


gag stative verb with one NP daxché
gag someone active transitive verb íiataaluschiche
gall inalienable noun baashíile
Gallatin River proper noun Baáchuuaashe
gallbladder inalienable noun apitchúa
gallbladder attack active intransitive verb daaséenxachiia
gallop active intransitive verb apássaxiiahche
gamble for something Verb baaáxpile
gambler alienable noun akdía
game alienable noun bacháxpiluua
game brought home by hunting alienable noun baachiiá
games alienable noun bacháxpiluua
gangrene alúutchilitshe
gap alienable noun annúucheepe; alienable noun chishpé; noun ? sáhke
garage alienable noun íilaaleeashe
garage sale alienable noun ammaapáapaau
garbage dump alienable noun ammaahawáxxiio
garden garden_Melville.mp3alienable noun alatshíia; alienable noun ammaaalapáale; alienable noun ammaaawuússiio
garnish active transitive verb áachiahe
garters inalienable noun baleishúushtaalaxche
gas station alienable noun alataláaiaschiluua; gas_station_Roanne.mp3alienable noun alataláaluttuua
gash active transitive verb akáche
gasoline alienable noun talée
gasoline can alienable noun taláaisshe
gather active transitive verb bachaaíia
gather about active intransitive verb iiwátxiia
gather for one's own use ihchipía
gather things together (physically) active intransitive verb batshéexiia
gather together active intransitive verb iiwátxiia
gathered stative verb with one NP xiipxíhpe
gathering place alienable noun ammatdiío
gay alienable noun batée
gelding alienable noun bulé
General Armstrong Custer proper noun Ihkaléaxdaake
generosity baawaaíluua
generous Adjective baaeétichisshissee; baaíluua
gentle stative verb with one NP baaléettamme
genuine stative verb with one NP koottáahile
German proper noun Ikkúhpuuwate
German shepherd alienable noun bishkacheéte; alienable noun bishkahpisée
get active transitive verb dútche
get after active transitive verb aliláshe; Verb hawáashee
get along together stative verb with one NP bachialaxpúua
get around something active transitive verb ímmiile
get back active transitive verb kulutché
get by Noun ilé
get close to active transitive verb híia
get down active intransitive verb chilahpé
get enough (e.g., to eat) active intransitive verb kammé
get even v ? baailápbishi