Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT

English to Crow


Cody, Wyoming proper noun Aashilitshia; proper noun Ammitaaashé
Cody,Wyoming proper noun Aashilitshia
Coeur d'Alene proper noun Apupé
coffee coffee_Melville.mp3alienable noun bilishpíte
coffee can alienable noun bilishpítisshe
coffeecup alienable noun iiwilishpítisshiio
coffeemaker alienable noun iiwilishpítdio
cohabit inalienable noun íipe
coil up active transitive verb chilakaxé
coin alienable noun bálaauuwate
coin, silver alienable noun bálaataale
cold Adjective chilía
cold (weather) impersonal stative verb huchishíile
cold chill stative verb with one NP chilíaleete
cold wind huchóochi
cold, be stative verb with one NP aláchishe; stative verb with one NP aláttache
cold, feel stative verb with one NP apée
cold, have stative verb with one NP huá
colic, extreme case stative verb with one NP alaxxéetaaalee
colic, have stative verb with one NP úushalee
collapse active intransitive verb dasshipé
collar inalienable noun áapannee
collarbone (clavicle) inalienable noun isbiíhchipe
collarbone hollow inalienable noun alaakawé
college alienable noun ammaachimmúuwaako
collide active intransitive verb bachílitduua
collide with active transitive verb ipúa
collide with a sweeping blow along the side active transitive verb itchúanilitdee
colon inalienable noun shíipawaase; inalienable noun úusshia
color stative verb with one NP iilúa
colors, with many stative verb with one NP puushtawóo
colt alienable noun iichíinnaake
Columbus Peak (Where the Cranes Sit) proper noun Apítalawaache
Colville proper noun Apupé
Comanche proper noun Bikkaasáhtakduushe
comatose active intransitive verb baaéhcheleete
comb comb_Roanne.mp3inalienable noun iiwaleaashúukuluxache; active transitive verb kuluxáche
combine alienable noun iiwaatalíahkuua
come active intransitive verb húua
come after active transitive verb kúnnaahuua
come after meat active intransitive verb ashchií húua
come after water active intransitive verb íishhuua
come apart stative verb with one NP ilúshpe; stative verb with one NP ilúxalee; hill_Tylis.mp3stative verb with one NP shiché
come back active intransitive verb kuó
come back to Verb kuhchisée
come close to active transitive verb koosaalée
come near active intransitive verb doósxiia
come off by itself hill_Tylis.mp3stative verb with one NP shiché
come on foot active intransitive verb awanhúua
come out active intransitive verb asaalé; active intransitive verb iikusché