Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT

English to Crow


coulee creek_Tylis.mp3Noun áashkaate; alienable noun alasáhte
council alienable noun baailáau; alienable noun óopilaau
council building alienable noun ammaailáauashe
council meeting alienable noun ammaailáau
count active intransitive verb baachimmé; active transitive verb chimmé
count money active intransitive verb bálaachimme
country Noun íichuussee
coup Noun daákshee
coup stick alienable noun baláxxiihachke; alienable noun kakée
courageous stative verb with one NP xaxxé
court stative verb with one NP batchiikésshe; active transitive verb hawassée
court proceeding alienable noun kussbaailáau
courthouse alienable noun ammaakussbaailáauashe
courtroom alienable noun ammaakussbaailáau
cousin oldersister_about_Melville.mp3inalienable noun isahkáate
cousin, teasing Noun iiwatkusshé
cover active intransitive verb iaxuá; active ditransitive verb íaxua; active transitive verb íhkukooxua; active transitive verb isshipée
cover oneself (lying down) active intransitive verb íaxape
cover, outer inalienable noun ísshe
covered over stative verb with one NP xíhchiche
covered thinly (as water) stative verb with one NP xáappaaiaxua
covered with stative verb with one NP ashíhche; derivational suffix ttata
covered with blood stative verb with one NP íilittate
covered with water stative verb with one NP binnnatchuuché
covering alienable noun baaíaxapee
covet active transitive verb óoliche
cow alienable noun bishéeiichiile
cow, cattle cow_Angela.mp3 bishéechiile
cowboy inalienable noun issaatbishéelaxpe
cowlick inalienable noun isshéelannuuwiile
coyote coyote_Roanne.mp3alienable noun búattee
crack active transitive verb dassheeché
crack (as whip) active transitive verb íhchilappiliahche
crack or roughened place in the skin stative verb with one NP piliá
cracked stative verb with one NP iilúa; stative verb with one NP ilússache
cracker alienable noun baaxawuatatáche
crackle stative verb with one NP póssee
cradle alienable noun baakáatalaxape
cradleboard Noun baakáatiche
cramps in stomach stative verb with one NP íishpuuxachiia
crane alienable noun shuáhte
crane, whooping alienable noun apíte
crash (by itself) stative verb with one NP xawuaxapé
crash (cause to) active transitive verb xawuaxapée
crawl active intransitive verb biishé
crazy stative verb with one NP baaláaxaache; stative verb with one NP baaláaxe
Crazy Dog (society) proper noun Bishkawaaláaxe
Crazy Mountain proper noun Awaxaawippíia
Crazy Mountains proper noun awaxaawippíia
crease Noun alapátchia