Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT

English to Crow


a group doesn't like active intransitive verb ? baannúupia
a little at a time Adverb kooshtattáchii
a number of times stative verb quantifier sáhmiia
abalone alienable noun baaxáaxiia
abandon Verb ihássshiiche; active intransitive verb iísxiia
abdomen inalienable noun alúa
abdominal area inalienable noun íishpuua
ability, to the best of my ammalúuhaahke
able active transitive verb aliímmishe; stative verb with one NP tatée
able to bear it active intransitive verb ilúuikuxxee
able to get it done by oneself ihchiiwaaíhe
able to handle, be active transitive verb áakaawache
able to hurt bilísshile
able to run a long distance without tiring stative verb with one NP ammásawatee
able to run only a short distance stative verb with one NP ammásahte
about that time temporal adverb kuhtáahaachi
above relational noun áake; relational noun báako
above board stative verb with one NP annawitáahile
abrasion stative verb with one NP daxxapé
abreast stative verb with one NP shóoshiwiia
Absaroke, Montana proper noun Baaxawuaashé alíiko
Absarokee, region around proper noun Bisshíilannuusaau
absent, be stative verb with one NP koolássee
absolutely v? dasshíissaa
abundance stative verb with one NP tawútche
abuse active transitive verb kussbáannaache
abuse (people or things) alapíale
abuse (speech) active intransitive verb báannaache
abuse by teasing alapiahilé
accept active transitive verb axúassee; active transitive verb sapíhche
acceptable stative verb with one NP baaannawé
accident alienable noun baaalakúkaahuuleete
accident, have active intransitive verb ilapálee
accompany active transitive verb óochialee
accuse active transitive verb baaaahíia; va kooaaíi
accustomed to, be active transitive verb áakaawache; stative verb with one NP iiléesshe
ache stative verb with one NP aleé
ache (said of the body) Verb baalakkéessee
ache all over stative verb with one NP páschische
achieve active transitive verb aalakkaché
acquit active transitive verb kulusché
across relational noun áakkee; relational noun áatche; aláakuhchiss
across from locative adverb áakkaako
across, horizontal locative adverb áakuhchissaa
act Verb baakulushpía
act as if one knows active intransitive verb ? éhcheaalasshipee
adam's apple inalienable noun áapalaxisshe; inalienable noun áapalaxxua
add to active transitive verb áxpihche
addiction Noun alatatchuukaatúua
adding áxpihkuua