Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT

English to Crow


arm arm_Roanne.mp3inalienable noun áale
arm and shoulder joint inalienable noun áaluushe
arm in sling stative verb with one NP áale kakáapia
armband, tin inalienable noun isshulúuwate
armpit inalienable noun datchawuúa; inalienable noun datchuá
armpit area inalienable noun datchéete
around relational noun áaxxee; locative adverb áaxxeetee; postposition hawass
around that time temporal adverb kuhtáahaachi
around that time (past) temporal adverb koottalé
arrange active transitive verb kulushpía
arrange marriage for a girl active intransitive verb chínnee
arrive active transitive verb híia
arrive bringing active transitive verb aaíia
arrive on time Verb áakhiia
arrive together active intransitive verb bachhíia
arrive with active transitive verb aahíia; active transitive verb aaíia
arrogant stative verb with one NP baaíaleete
Arrow Creek proper noun Alúutaashe
arrow game alienable noun baaíipuuo
arrow throwing alienable noun úussheewaapatche
arrow touching target arrow (arrow throwing) Verb achía
arrow-throwing alienable noun alúutdeehkuua
arrow, his noun irr. iseé
arrow, throwing noun irr. alúute
arrow(for use with bow) alienable noun alúutkaashe
arrowhead alienable noun báaiia; alienable noun báashuuke; alienable noun dáashuuke; alienable noun úushuwate
Artemisia michauxiana iísahchishuuwi
artery inalienable noun daasalaáchke
articles baaxaxxéemme; alienable noun baaxémmee
artificial derivational suffix kísshi; stative verb with one NP kootéete
artificial respiration Noun ilíahihkaahiluua
as far as the eye can see inalienable noun baleishtanneetalahaawéessee
as good as iilappahká
as if conjunction kúhmaam; conjunction kúmmaam
as much as suffix haahka
ash compartment of stove alienable noun iiwilápchawaxiio
ash tree, green alienable noun bilippíte
ashamed active intransitive verb baaelusshéche; Adjective dússhichi
ashamed, be va ilusshíchi
ashes alienable noun bilápche; alienable noun biláshe
ashtray alienable noun bilápchisshe
ask active ditransitive verb báxxo; active ditransitive verb chiwáxxo
ask a favor of active transitive verb báashe
ask about active intransitive verb baachiwáxxo
ask back va chikáa; active transitive verb chikaalé
ask for va chikáa; active transitive verb kaalé
ask to be forgiven active intransitive verb kalaaxtakuúle
ask to come out of mourning active ditransitive verb bakíia; active transitive verb chilasché
askew stative verb with one NP bichúa
asleep stative verb with one NP shíishte