Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT

English to Crow


ant ant_Roanne.mp3Noun baapúxchikiipe
antelope, pronghorn alienable noun áapxaxxe; antelope_Roanne.mp3alienable noun úuxkaashe
anticipate active intransitive verb iiwaachíssee
antique alienable noun baakalashía
antler alienable noun aashxaawé
antlers inalienable noun aashúualashooshiwe
antlers, deer alienable noun úuxaashuua
anus inalienable noun úushe
anvil alienable noun alúuwatdituua
anxious active intransitive verb ihchiwaailíshee
anxious to, be modal auxiliary verb bisshe; modal auxiliary isshi
anxious, be active intransitive verb iiwaachíssee
any old time Adverb shóohtaleehtaa
anyone Noun sapéelahtee
anyplace shóoleehtaa
anything pronominal sáapdahtaa
anything and everything baasáapeehtaa
anytime shóohtannahtaa
anyway conjunction kootdáhtaa
apologetic active intransitive verb ihkulupía
apologetic, be active intransitive verb ihkulupía
appaloosa horse alienable noun iilúaihaate
appaloosa with rump spots alienable noun isíssaapuuxe
appear stative verb with one NP asíia
appendix alienable noun shíipbaaliinneete
applaud active intransitive verb ischíchiliche
apple apple_Melville.mp3alienable noun buluhpashúa
apple juice apple_juice_Roanne.mp3Noun buluhpashúawilaxxee
apple-green stative verb with one NP bimmaáhchiileaxe
appoint active transitive verb pátche
apprehensive active intransitive verb baaelésshe
approach active intransitive verb doósxiia; active intransitive verb kooxiía
approach (from other side) active intransitive verb hilíchiissia
approve Verb íluua
April suuwassáa; alienable noun suuwassée
Arab Isbítchiilusshiia
Arapaho-Indian alienable noun Alappahó
arbor arbor_Roanne.mp3alienable noun aláatchiia
arc Noun alapaxxíia
arch (of the foot) inalienable noun itbuualaxkúpe
arctic region alienable noun ammáalaakoochihte
Are you hungry? dalíishi?
Are you thirsty? díiwakachi?
area derivational suffix saa
area at the foot of the mountain where the wind blows steadily huchalámmichi
area-formed-by-bend-in-stream alienable noun alaxkúpe
argue active intransitive verb bachelíiche
argue with active transitive verb aashtáche; active transitive verb ilíiche
argue with spouse or lover active intransitive verb shiipée
Arikara Indian alienable noun Ahpannoopisée