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inalienable noun wife
úa active transitive verb step on
úa active transitive verb climb
uáaalee active transitive verb run off with another man's wife
uáaalee active transitive verb steal wife
úake inalienable noun sister-in-law (his)
uákkataali take his sister-in-law
úakkulee active transitive verb marry his brother's widow
úakkulee active transitive verb marry ex-sister-in-law
ualiché inalienable noun lover, man's
ualiché inalienable noun girlfriend, man's
uáse Noun wound
úase stative verb with one NP wounded (with a weapon as in warfare)
úasshe active intransitive verb joke with
úasshe active intransitive verb baby-talk
úasshe active intransitive verb prattle
úasshe active intransitive verb coo
úasshee active transitive verb wound
úawishi v ? married, be (man)
uhpakaawé alienable noun six-shooter
uhpakaawísshe alienable noun holster
uhpáko locative adverb upstream region
uhpáko locative adverb south
uhpássaa locative adverb upstream, toward
uhpássaa locative adverb south, toward

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