Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT

Crow to English


i derivational suffix habitually
i derivational suffix regularly
i derivational suffix customarily
stative verb with one NP little
stative verb with one NP small
ía active transitive verb upper part where one can take hold of
ía active transitive verb put over the shoulders
ía active transitive verb wear over the shoulders
iáhaahi not welcome
iáhaahi have nothing to do with
iáhaahi prejudiced
iakaashchikáate stative verb with one NP smallest one
iakáate stative verb with one NP little
íakaate small
iakáattaa Adverb barely
íakkooleesh temporal adverb while ago, a
íakkoon locative adverb out there
ialaxpé Verb have fellowship with
ialaxpé Verb allied with
ialaxpée Verb work with
ialaxpée Verb make friends with
íaschile active transitive verb trade
íaschile active transitive verb buy
íassee active transitive verb care for
íassee active transitive verb guard