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Crow to English


baa proform indefinite object
baa proform something
baaaahíia active transitive verb accuse
baaáakiia alienable noun sign (in the biblical sense)
baaáakiia alienable noun sight, in plain
baaáakiia alienable noun vision
baaáakiia alienable noun mirage
baaáakinneelituua alienable noun motorcycle
baaáakinneelituua alienable noun bicycle
baaáakinneelituua , iiwáalaachichileelitua Noun bike (something you can ride, thing that you pedal)
baaáalakunnutche active intransitive verb buy another's spiritual gift
baaáaphachke alienable noun giraffe
baaáasaale Noun pile of dirt (like what a gopher or ant does)
baaaashé active intransitive verb hunt(something)
baaáatchile stative verb with one NP fortunate, be
baaáatchile stative verb with one NP lucky, be
baaaaxuá Noun secret
baaaaxuahilúua alienable noun hand-game
baaaaxualáake inalienable noun child, illegitimate
baaaaxuáleete active intransitive verb not secretive
baaahkúxbaheele stative verb with one NP hearing not as good as normal
baaakchiiá Noun horse, pack
baaakeeleeté Noun orphan
baaaksaawishé Noun child, legitimate
baaalachíleelituua alienable noun scooter, child's