Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT

Crow to English


aa subordinating conjunction along with
aa subordinating conjunction with
aa subordinating conjunction up to the time of
aa subordinating conjunction until
áa demonstrative that one (heard but not seen)
áaaalee active intransitive verb lead in singing
áachaake inalienable noun breast area, top of
áache inalienable noun udder
áache inalienable noun teat
áache inalienable noun breast
áachiahe active transitive verb garnish
áachiahe active transitive verb confiscate
áachiahe active transitive verb wrest from
áachiahe active transitive verb take away by force
áachichiahe active transitive verb confiscate
áachichiahe active transitive verb wrest from
áachichiahe active transitive verb take away
áachiiwile Noun milk
aachisshíia active intransitive verb retreat
aáchiwe active intransitive verb step.along
aáchiwe active intransitive verb climb
áachiwile alienable noun milk
áachiwilisshe alienable noun milk carton
áachiwilisshe alienable noun milk bottle
aachuáhche active transitive verb corner verbally