Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT

Crow to English


áhpaanmaaluusuua alienable noun supper
áhpaanmaaluusuua alienable noun meal, evening
áhpaasaalee active intransitive verb evening, toward
áhpaasee alienable noun afternoon, late
ahpaaxanneeté Noun clear sky visible behind rain clouds
ahpaaxapáale impersonal stative verb rain clouds appearing
ahpaáxbishik Noun dark clouds/sky
ahpaaxdaasáakee impersonal stative verb severe storm clouds
ahpaáxdeete impersonal stative verb sky, clear
ahpaaxé alienable noun storm
ahpaaxé alienable noun cloud
ahpaaxé ámnutcheete vs cloud cover, heavy
ahpaáxhuua impersonal stative verb rainstorm
ahpaáxhuua impersonal stative verb stormy weather
ahpaláake inalienable noun ear, front flap
ahpalaasé inalienable noun ear lobe
ahpaláaxe alienable noun ghost
ahpaláaxiaxpaaliia Noun medium
ahpaláaxiaxpaaliia Noun one who communicates with ghosts through meditation
ahpaláaxiiwaachilasshiakisshe alienable noun cobweb
ahpaláaxisiikooshkisshe alienable noun scouring brush plant
ahpaláaxisiikooshkisshe alienable noun horsetail plant
ahpaláaxisiipchikisshe alienable noun ghost pipe
ahpaláaxisiipchikisshe alienable noun joint weed
ahpalaxalúa inalienable noun ear, groove behind